Yacht Charters in the Sporades

Sailing towards the northern part of the Aegean, you pass through the east coastline and crystal-waters of Evia and reach the Sporades islands. Transcending from the rocky, wild image of the Cyclades to the bursting plantation of the Sporades is remarkable. The complex is consisted of eleven islands in total, four of which are inhabited, Skopelos, Skyros, Skiathos and Alonissos. The imagery is bewitvhing and the atmosphere peacefull rejuvenating...

Rich pine forests extend to the sandy beaches, colouring the waters in a unique emerald tone. Touring the Sporades waters, you will have the chance to observe the mediterranean seal (Monachus monachus). The area has been established as a protected, national water-park, since it hosts a large population of this species and specifically the sea caves and their endless games.

At the Sporades you can taste the renowned home-made pies and if you enjoy eating fresh fish and seafood, you are at the right places, since delicious fish dishes cooked with mastery, are served in avery traditional tavern.

The weather in the Sporades is calm throughout the year. ummers are hot and sunny, yet the meltemia (northern winds) are present during July and August and aid sailors in their nautical journeys. From the deep clear waters, to the tiny leeward coves and the endless sandy beaches, only accessible by the sea, the islands of Sporades offer matchless moments.

Passing from the west side of the Aegean to the east, anchoring at the coasts of northern Greece is a must. Here you will find the bigest marinas of the area, Aretsou at Thessaloniki, Porto Sani and Porto Karras at Halkidiki. These can be your base for exploring thwe gorgeous beaches of Halkidiki, where you can enjoy a swim in deep, indigo waters at a distance from the crowded, organized beaches of the big resorts. You will be overwhelmed with the green landscape, extending to the blue sea and the breathtaking seaside of Agio Oros.

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