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Q: How provisioning can be organized?

A: In most of the yacht bases, supermarkets are in the port or in a walking distance. Supermarkets are open on Saturdays and Sundays during summertime, but in order to avoid any problems, if you are landing late on Saturday or if you just want to make things easier on your first day, we can organize your provisions in advance. You should just send us your provision list filled in before your arrival (at least one week before).
Kindly notice that apart from food and drinks, you should buy cleaning materials (ie soap, dish washing liquid)

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Sailing in Saronic-Argolic Gulf and East Coast of Peloponese.

The Argo-Saronic Islands are Angistri, Aegina, Poros, Salamina, Spetses, Hydra and the coastal area of Methana. In Eastern Peloponese coast there are many smaller or bigger ports as well as nice anchorages. Among the ports you shouldn't miss Nafplion, Epidavros, Ermioni, Astros, Leonidion, Yerakas, Monemvasia (referred to as the Greek Gibraltar).  If you have the time of two weeks and more, you could sail to Monemvasia, Elaphonissos and Kithira that will surprise you nicely with their natural beauty, large sandy beaches, unspoiled and friendly small ports and peacefull anchorages.

This area is ideal for beginers and it is strongly suggested if you are sailing in Greece for the first time since it is well protected from strong winds and there are several options for your itinerary.

When sailing in this area, you will find short passages inbetween the islands. Nice bays for swimming, places of historical interest, nightlife,shopping markets, small towns and traditional villages; a well-promissing combination for your sailing holidays in Greece!

The Meltemi season (strong North winds blowing especially during July and August) is not as strong as it is in Cyclades or Dodecanese.  During this period wind direction is from Nort to North East and wind force is about 4-5. Methana peninsula and Poros are more protected.

When winds are not from North, they are generally from South, force 2-3. In Hydra and Argolic Gulf, wind is mostly from South East, blowing force 3-5 during day and lower during night.

Weak Meltemi winds are found in Eastern Peloponese Coast blowing from North East or South East.
During spring and autumn, winds are weaker and from the South over the whole area.

Depending on the duration of your holidays, the embarkation/disembarakation port, if you looking for relaxing cruising holidays or a tough sailing route, we can suggest you itineraries for one week charter or two weeks charter.

You can always contact us to plan together the route that is more suitable for your needs!


Poros, Peninsula Bay


Poros Port